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Currently listing 85 Quality Houseboats for Safari & Fishing Holidays on Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe, Africa

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25 Seater Bus

25 Seater Bus

New to our Fleet
From 04 June 2019 to 31 December 2019
Details: Please contact Mo on 0772296150
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Announcement from Zimbabwe Tourism Authority

Announcement from Zimbabwe Tourism Authority

Announcement from Zimbabwe Tourism Authority
From 30 November -0001 to 30 November -0001
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Big Daddy

Big Daddy

Special for the Month of May
From 01 May 2019 to 31 May 2019
Details: $2250 RTGS per night Dry Boat for May only
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Special Available
From 20 May 2019 to 31 December 2019
Details: Special on NEW bookings USD1395 per night including fuel
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From 30 November -0001 to 30 November -0001
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Bookings will be closed from 30 November 2019 to 30 April 2020
From 01 September 2019 to 31 December 2019
Details: Fully Inclusive Option Available
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P Ten

P Ten

Available over Heroe's Weekend due to Cancellation
From 21 June 2019 to 23 August 2019
Details: Contact Mo for more details
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November Special Offer
From 01 November 2019 to 30 November 2019
Details: Z$3600/night dry boat (available 5 – 25 Nov 2019)
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October Special Offer
From 16 September 2019 to 01 November 2019
Details: PHILADELPHIA HOUSEBOAT Z$4100/night RTGS dry boat US$300-00
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From 09 January 2020 to 31 March 2020
Details: Special on Phillipa - ZW$4765-00 per night dry boat for Jan – March 2020
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About us

We specialise in providing custom houseboat safari holidays on Lake Kariba. We offer a complete service from booking, to catering, airport transfers to professional guides.

Whether you want an African safari with a difference or want to fish all day AND see wild game! ...We have a boat for you!

With a wide choice of Houseboats that sleep anything from 4 to 44 people, all with qualified captain & crew, you can be sure to find a houseboat that suits your needs.

Catch of the Month

Caught by:

Tiger Fish
Date Caught:
7.00kg (3.18 lbs)
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Guest Book

15 January 2013
Lady Rue

Maureen, Compliments of the New Year. I wanted to let you know about our wonderful experience onboard Lady Rue. We enjoyed the stay and the company of the crew, the boat was clean and the crew was beyond professional. They paid attention to every single detail and made the trip worthwhile

09 November 2012

Hi Maureen. I would like to say thank you for an amazing trip aboard Zambuka from the 20th to 25th of September. The trip exceeded all of our expectations in many ways and you can be sure that we’ll be back for more trips in the future. The staff were all extremely polite, friendly, accommodating and fully capable at their individual tasks. The menu to say the least was fantastic.

09 January 2012

Dear Mo, We are settled home after a wonderful 3 nights on the Sovereign. We had our whole family with us from New Zealand and UK and it was truly a memorable occasion. The boat was wonderful and the staff efficient and caring. A special mention must go to Jasper who was a considerable help to our son who is wheelchair-bound, recovering from a traumatic brain injury. Jasper assisted him for many hours of successful fishing.

18 November 2011

Greetings Maureen, To let you know we ALL had a fantastic trip on Karibeer, & will recommend this boat anytime. & Chuffed I booked it again for 3 weeks time. Crew was great & very pleasant/helpful, always keeping the boat nice & clean. Food was great & well prepared, Offias the cook did well for our vegitairian, ( braai steaks were unfortunately a bit tuff) Maureen please can I request catering again for the next trip – Fishermans Menu x 9 people & 14 blocks of ice please. ( earliest delivery if possible) Drinks I will sort out myself this time. I have spoken to Glynis who has said it’s ok for us to board earlier, & leave when the guys are sorted & ready. Also just to let you know, I will be bringing my own boat so will only require the “pontoon” tender this time. Thanks for your help much appreciated Kindest regards

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Quick Houseboat Comparison Table

Houseboat NameHull TypePassengersCabinsFuel IncludedAirconSwimming FacilitiesCost/nightStar Rating
25 Seater BusPontoon250NAPOA2 STAR RATING
African QueenPontoon124Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
AlisterCruiser103Splash Pool US$480.003 STAR RATING
Ambuya DambudzoPontoon03NonePOA3 STAR RATING
Announcement from Zimbabwe Tourism AuthorityPontoon00NonePOA3 STAR RATING
BaobabCruiser124PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
BateleurPontoon123Jacuzzi pool US$760.003 STAR RATING
Big DaddyPontoon205JacuzziPOA5 STAR RATING
Bizzy LizzieCruiser81NoPOA3 STAR RATING
CarolinaCruiser83No swimming facilities US$330.003 STAR RATING
ConquestCruiser81POA3 STAR RATING
CorsaroCruiser83JacuzziPOA5 STAR RATING
Den MarynePontoon182Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
DombaCruiser83Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
DrifterPontoon164Splash PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
DriftwoodCruiser63No swimming facilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
EdenPontoon123Swimming cage US$450.003 STAR RATING
FreestatePontoon164Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
Golden MarinerPontoon164Splash pool on top deckPOA4 STAR RATING
HarmonyCruiser124No swimming FacilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
IliosPontoon123Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
JessamineCruiser83No swimming facilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
KambaCruiser104JacuzziPOA5 STAR RATING
KarabeziPontoon155JacuzziPOA5 STAR RATING
Kariba HouseboatsPontoon00tbaPOA4 STAR RATING
Kariba StarCruiser82No swimming facilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
KaribeerPontoon143Splash PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
Lady JacquelineCruiser154tbcPOA3 STAR RATING
Lady MayCruiser84JacuzziPOA5 STAR RATING
Lady RueCruiser83NonePOA3 STAR RATING
Liberty BellPontoon84Jacuzzi US$995.004 STAR RATING
Little MermaidPontoon41No swimming facilities US$320.003 STAR RATING
Lorna DCruiser103No swimming facilitiesPOA4 STAR RATING
MakuluPontoon164Splash Pool US$675.003 STAR RATING
MalachitePontoon144Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
MANZIPontoon103Splash Pool US$43000.003 STAR RATING
MatusadonaCruiser63JacuzziPOA5 STAR RATING
MbuyaCruiser82POA3 STAR RATING
MbuyaCruiser82None US$400.003 STAR RATING
MeremaidPontoon126JacuzziPOA4 STAR RATING
MirabelCruiser123JacuzziPOA4 STAR RATING
MirimbaCruiser124NonePOA4 STAR RATING
MtepatepaPontoon123JacuzziPOA3 STAR RATING
NyatiPontoon144Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
OB JoyfulPontoon124Splash PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
OspreyPontoon2612Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
P-TENCruiser165JacuzziPOA5 STAR RATING
Par ExcellenceCruiser84JacuzziPOA5 STAR RATING
PeregrinePontoon166Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
PeregrinePontoon166Splash Pool US$500.003 STAR RATING
PhiladelphiaPontoon124Large Splash PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
PhillipaPontoon124Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
PontyPontoon145Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
Power SailsCruiser103No swimming facilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
ProdataCruiser42NonePOA3 STAR RATING
RendezvousPontoon125Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
Return to EdenPontoon166Splash PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
Royal GameCruiser83No swimming facilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
SahwiraPontoon2613Splash PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
Salon PriveCruiser104JacuzziPOA4 STAR RATING
Sheer MagicPontoon164Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
ShikraPontoon2010Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
Silver FoxCruiser62NonePOA3 STAR RATING
Southern BellePontoon4422Splash PoolPOA5 STAR RATING
SovereignPontoon2010Splash PoolPOA5 STAR RATING
SundownerPontoon164Swimming pool on upper deck and cage on the backPOA5 STAR RATING
TaipanPontoon103Blow Up Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
Take it AwayPontoon124Swimming cage US$675.003 STAR RATING
TantalikaPontoon104Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
TehillaPontoon124Swimming CagePOA3 STAR RATING
The RoyaleCruiser63NonePOA4 STAR RATING
This Is ItPontoon126Splash PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
TitambereiCruiser82No swimming facilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
UmbozhaPontoon289Large poolPOA5 STAR RATING
UniquePontoon124Splash Pool US$1150.005 STAR RATING
UtopiaCruiser124No swimming facilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
VikingCruiser82No swimming facilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
VundufulPontoon204Splash PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
What a PleasurePontoon123Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
Zambezi Cruise & SafariPontoon00tbaPOA5 STAR RATING
Zambezi TraderPontoon5224Splash PoolPOA5 STAR RATING
Zambezi TraderPontoon00tbcPOA5 STAR RATING
ZambukaPontoon164Splash Pool & Swimming CagePOA4 STAR RATING