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Currently listing 81 Quality Houseboats for Safari & Fishing Holidays on Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe, Africa
Air Charter to Lake Kariba

Air Charters

<li>Single piston engine powered aircraft.</li> 
<li>Operate into short, rough dirt strips.</li> 
<li>Ideal for hunting and safari tourism.</li> 
<li>Has a cargo pod to allow for extra luggage, allowing more passenger comfort inside the plane.</li>
<li>Single piston engine powered aircraft.</li> 
<li>Operates into short, rough dirt strips.</li> 
<li>Ideal for hunting and safari tourism.</li>
<li>Its higher cruise speed enables businessmen to carry out meeting in destinations such as Lusaka in one day.</li>
<li>Twin piston engine powered aircraft.</li> 
<li>Operate into short, rough dirt strips.</li> 
<li>With more space and speed suits the needs of the corporate, hunter and safari clientelle.</li>
<li>Twin piston engine powered aircraft.</li>
<li>Operate into short, rough dirt strips.</li>
<li>With more space and speed suits the needs of the corporate, hunter and safari clientelle.</li>
<li>Single Turbine engine powered aircraft.</li>
<li>Operate into short, rough dirt strips.</li>
<li>With a large, quiet cabin allows for greater passenger comport.</li>
<li>Has a large cargo pod to allow for extra luggage, allowing passenger excess baggage.</li>
<li>Twin Turbine engine powered aircraft.</li> 
<li>Operates into medium length tar or dirt runways.</li> 
<li>A large, quiet &lsquo;Executive&rsquo; cabin allows for greater passenger comport.</li> 
<li>Its pressurised cabin allows you to fly above most of the bad weather providing a smooth comfortable journey to your destination.</li> 
<li>Excellent for medical air evacuation operations.</li> 
Measure Distance

Local Routes

Aircraft C-206 C-210 Caravan C-402 Navajo KingAir
Max Pax 5 5 12 7 7 7
Harare - Zambezi Valley 1hr15 1hr05 1hr05 55mins 55mins 40mins
Harare - Kariba 1hr15 1hr05 1hr05 55mins 55mins 40mins
Harare - Bumi 1hr20 1hr10 1hr10 1hr 1hr 45mins
Harare - Binga 1hr45 1hr25 1hr20 1hr15 1hr10 1hr
Harare- Victoria Falls 2hrs20 2hrs05 1hr55 1hr45 1hr40 1hr25
Harare- Hwange 1hr55 1hr40 1hr35 1hr30 1hr25 1hr05
Harare - Chiredzi 1hr40 1hr25 1hr20 1hr15 1hr10 55mins
Harare - Mutare 1hr05 55mins 50mins 45mins 45mins 35mins
Bulawayo -Zambezi Valley 2hrs 1hr40 1hr30 1hr25 1hr20 1hr10
Bulawayo - Kariba 1hr40 1hr25 1hr20 1hr15 1hr15 1hr
Bulawayo - Victoria Falls 1hr35 1hr20 1hr15 1hr10 1hr10 1hr
Victoria Falls - Kariba 2hrs 1hr40 1hr30 1hr25 1hr20 hr10
Victoria Falls - Zambezi Valley 2hrs20 2hrs05 1hr55 1hr45 1hr40 1hr25
Victoria Falls - Chiredzi 3hrs15 2hrs40 2hrs25 2hrs15 2hrs10 1hr50

Foreign Routes

Aircraft C-206 C-210 Caravan C-402 Navajo KingAir
Max Pax 5 5 12 7 7 7
Harare - Johannesburg 4hrs20 3hrs35 3hrs20 3hrs05 2hrs55 2hrs30
Harare - Durban 6hrs** 5hrs** 4hrs30 4hrs15* 4hrs 3hrs30
Harare - Kruger 3hrs45 3hrs05 2hrs50 2hrs40 2hrs30 2hrs10
Harare - Sun City 4hrs10 3hrs25 3hrs05 2hrs55 2hrs45 2hrs20
Harare - Maputo 4hrs 3hrs20 3hrs 2hrs50 2hrs40 2hrs20
Harare - Vilankulos 3hrs 2hrs25 2hrs15 2hrs10 2hrs05 1hr45
Harare - Beira 2hrs05 1hr40 1hr30 1hr25 1hr20 1hr10
Harare - Pemba 5hrs05** 4hrs20 3hrs50 3hrs40 3hrs30 2hrs55
Harare - Lilongwe 2hrs30 2hrs05 1hr55 1hr45 1hr40 1hr45
Harare - Dar es Salaam 7hrs** 6hrs** 5hrs10* 4hrs50** 4hrs30** 3hrs50
Harare - Lusaka 1hr50 1hr30 1hr25 1hr20 1hr20 1hr05
Harare - Lubumbashi 3hrs40 3hrs 2hrs45 2hrs35 2hrs30 2hrs05
Harare - Windhoek 7hrs** 6hrs** 5hrs20 5hrs** 4hrs40** 4hrs
Harare - Maun 3hrs45 3hrs05 2hrs50 2hrs40 2hrs30 2hrs10
Harare - Gabarone 4hrs10 3hrs25 3hrs05 2hrs55 2hrs45 2hrs20

* Flight will require fuel stop if full pax
** Flight will require fuel stop due to large distance

Local Destinations

Location Latitude Longitude Airport Code
BULAWAYO -20.018333 28.624722 BUQ
BUMI -16.4855 28.20408 BZH
CHIREDZI -21.0036 31.3446 BFO
HARARE -17.5558 31.0538 HRE
MUTARE -18.598 32.3750 UTA
VICTORIA FALLS -18.053 25.5024 VFA

Foreign Destinations

Location Latitude Longitude Airport Code
BEIRA -19.4741 34.5357 BEW
DAR ES SALAAM -6.5232 39.1207 DAR
DURBAN -29.57560 30.56573 DUR
GABARONE -24.3321 25.5508 GBE
KRUGER -25.23297 31.05574 MQP
LILONGWE -13.47217 33.46516 LLW
LUBUMBASHI -11.3500 27.3100 FBM
LUSAKA -15.1936 28.2724 LUN
MAPUTO -25.5555 32.3435 MPM
MAUN -19.5821 23.2541 MUB
PEMBA -12.5900 40.3042 POL
SUN CITY -25.20077 27.10179 NTY
VILANKULOS -22.0100 35.1900 VNX
WINDHOEK -22.2852 17.2821 WDH

Rates in the following table are per Person one way as per the routing shown. Rates valid 15/01/2012 - 14/01/2013


Depending on your routing we will utilise a number of reputable Aircraft Charter companies. The applicable Terms & Conditions for the various operators are listed below:


Charter subject to:

  • Based at Charles Prince Airport, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Operating costs such as fuel, landing fees, taxes, etc.
  • Aircraft and pilot availability at time of confirmation
  • Availability of aviation fuel in destinations outside Zimbabwe
  • Flight clearance and permits being issued
  • Confirmation of full payment 24 hours prior to date of charter
  • Payment required in full before departure, we only accept USD cash or bank transfer.
  • Cancellation Fees
  • 25% of the quoted amount, 48 hours in advance
  • 50% of the quoted amount, 24 hours in advance
  • 100% of the quoted amount, 12 hours in advance

Charter Quote includes:

  • Snacks and beverages for the flight
  • Landing, parking & air navigation fees
  • Aircraft & crew fees
  • Passenger & baggage handling

Charter Quote excludes:

  • Any costs which may occur as a result of having to divert due to bad weather, bad runway conditions or for any other reasons which may affect the safety of the aircraft & its occupants
  • Costs incurred as a result of unforeseen mechanical problems
  • Costs which may occur as a result of the client changing the scheduled route
  • Commission
  • After hours fees
  • Any special handling requirements
  • Passenger departure tax (Local departure $10.00pp and International Departure $35.00pp)

Confirmation of bookings should be made in writing or by phone with a minimum of 24 hours notice for local flights, and 72 hours notice for international flights.

  • Based at Harare International Airport)
  • All Rates as per rates schedule found on the Pricing & Information page.
  • Routings and departure times from Lodges may vary day to day depending on actual lodge and guest requirements & landing conditions.
  • Lodge Hop times subject to change without notice.
  • Minimum 2 guests 
  • Rates include Sales Tax and Passenger Taxes
  • Prices subject to change and Fuel levy may be applicable 

Quotation includes:

  • Aircraft, aircrew, maintenance and insurance
  • Landing and parking fees
  • Fuel surcharges

Quotation excludes:

  • Passenger departure tax & Visa fees, which guests would be required to settle direct to Customs/Immigration on the day of departure.

Terms & Conditons:

  • The flight is subject to the relevant flight clearance/s being obtained and shall operate during daylight between (06h30 - 18h00), unless the destination airport is fully equipped with night landing facilities.
  • The flight is strictly subject to runway conditions and serviceability. In the event that the destination airport is unsuitable for our aircraft to land at or take off for any reason, we will divert to the nearest alternative airstrip.
  • Sefofane Air Charters accepts no responsibility for any delays or diversions caused due to unforeseen circumstances (mechanical breakdowns, adverse weather, air traffic control or any other cause). However, we will endeavour to rectify the situation to the best of our ability.
  • This quotation is subject to availability on the date of confirmation.
  • Sefofane Air Charters reserves the right to charge the following cancellation fees:
    • 25% of total quote amount if cancelled within 7 days prior to departure
    • 50% of total quote amount if cancelled within 48 hours prior to departure
    • 100% of total quote amount if cancelled within 24 hours prior to departure
  • This quote is subject to change, due to any increases in costs and will have to be revised closer to the date of departure unless full payment is made on receiving initial quote.
  • Personal baggage shall be limited to a maximum of 12kgs per person (small, soft bags only) including hand luggage. Excess baggage will only be permitted if approved and arranged with Flight Operations prior to the flight.
  • If Pilot is required to overnight, the client will be responsible for his meals, accommodation and transport to and from the airstrip.
  • All payments for flights to be done 2 weeks prior to date of travel.
  • Operator based at Victoria Falls airport, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

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Quick Houseboat Comparison Table

Houseboat NameHull TypePassengersCabinsFuel IncludedAirconSwimming FacilitiesCost/nightStar Rating
African QueenPontoon124Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
AlisterCruiser103Splash Pool US$480.003 STAR RATING
Ambuya DambudzoPontoon03NonePOA3 STAR RATING
BaobabCruiser124PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
BateleurPontoon123Jacuzzi pool US$760.003 STAR RATING
Big DaddyPontoon205JacuzziPOA5 STAR RATING
Bizzy LizzieCruiser81NoPOA3 STAR RATING
CarolinaCruiser83No swimming facilities US$330.003 STAR RATING
ConquestCruiser81POA3 STAR RATING
CorsaroCruiser83JacuzziPOA5 STAR RATING
Den MarynePontoon182Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
DombaCruiser83Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
DrifterPontoon164Splash PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
DriftwoodCruiser83No swimming facilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
Dunhu RamamboPontoon00tbaPOA5 STAR RATING
EdenPontoon123Swimming cage US$450.003 STAR RATING
FreestatePontoon164Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
Fuel Situation in KaribaPontoon00NonePOA3 STAR RATING
Golden MarinerPontoon164Splash pool on top deckPOA4 STAR RATING
HarmonyCruiser124No swimming FacilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
IliosPontoon123Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
JessamineCruiser83No swimming facilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
KarabeziPontoon155JacuzziPOA5 STAR RATING
Kariba HouseboatsPontoon00tbaPOA4 STAR RATING
Kariba StarCruiser82No swimming facilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
KaribeerPontoon143Splash PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
Lady JacquelineCruiser154tbcPOA3 STAR RATING
Lady MayCruiser84JacuzziPOA5 STAR RATING
Lady RueCruiser83NonePOA3 STAR RATING
Liberty BellPontoon84Jacuzzi US$995.004 STAR RATING
Little MermaidPontoon41No swimming facilities US$320.003 STAR RATING
Lorna DCruiser103No swimming facilitiesPOA4 STAR RATING
MakuluPontoon164Splash Pool US$675.003 STAR RATING
MalachitePontoon144Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
MANZIPontoon103Splash Pool US$43000.003 STAR RATING
MatusadonaPontoon03Swimming cagePOA4 STAR RATING
MbuyaCruiser82POA3 STAR RATING
MbuyaCruiser82None US$400.003 STAR RATING
MeremaidPontoon126JacuzziPOA4 STAR RATING
MirabelCruiser123JacuzziPOA4 STAR RATING
MirimbaCruiser124NonePOA4 STAR RATING
MtepatepaPontoon123JacuzziPOA3 STAR RATING
NyatiPontoon144Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
OB JoyfulPontoon124Splash PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
OspreyPontoon2612Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
P-TENCruiser165JacuzziPOA5 STAR RATING
Par ExcellenceCruiser84JacuzziPOA5 STAR RATING
PeregrinePontoon166Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
PeregrinePontoon166Splash Pool US$500.003 STAR RATING
PhiladelphiaPontoon124Large Splash PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
PhillipaPontoon124Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
PontyPontoon145Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
Power SailsCruiser103No swimming facilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
ProdataCruiser42NonePOA3 STAR RATING
RendezvousPontoon125Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
Return to EdenPontoon166Splash PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
Royal GameCruiser83No swimming facilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
SahwiraPontoon2613Splash PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
Salon PriveCruiser104JacuzziPOA4 STAR RATING
Sheer MagicPontoon164Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
ShikraPontoon2010Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
Silver FoxCruiser62NonePOA3 STAR RATING
Southern BellePontoon4422Splash PoolPOA5 STAR RATING
SovereignPontoon2010Splash PoolPOA5 STAR RATING
SundownerPontoon164Swimming pool on upper deck and cage on the backPOA5 STAR RATING
TaipanPontoon103Blow Up Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
Take it AwayPontoon124Swimming cage US$675.003 STAR RATING
TantalikaPontoon124Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
TehillaPontoon124Swimming CagePOA3 STAR RATING
The RoyaleCruiser63NonePOA4 STAR RATING
This Is ItPontoon126Splash PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
TitambereiCruiser82No swimming facilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
UmbozhaPontoon289Large poolPOA5 STAR RATING
UniquePontoon124Splash Pool US$1150.005 STAR RATING
UtopiaCruiser124No swimming facilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
VikingCruiser82No swimming facilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
VundufulPontoon204Splash PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
What a PleasurePontoon123Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
Zambezi TraderPontoon5224Splash PoolPOA5 STAR RATING
Zambezi TraderPontoon00tbcPOA5 STAR RATING
ZambukaPontoon164Splash Pool & Swimming CagePOA4 STAR RATING