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Currently listing 84 Quality Houseboats for Safari & Fishing Holidays on Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe, Africa

Osprey Houseboat

Osprey Houseboat 3 STAR RATING

Osprey has been designed and built to be a spacious and practical houseboat, offering large open plan areas for relaxing and entertaining. All cabins are semi open plan with roll down canvas flaps and the top deck has a splash pool, bar area and spacious sun deck.

Facilities include:

  • MAX PAX 26 passengers comfortably
  • CRUISING SPEED 9 knots
  • CREW 5 (Captain, Chef and 3 Deck Hands)
  • CABINS 12 cabins (8 on the bottom deck and 4 on the top deck)
  • POOL Jacuzzi on top deck and Swim cage (3m x 3m)
  • TOP DECK large covered seating area
  • POWER SUPPLY 12v lighting and 220v generator (run time max 6 hrs.)
  • TENDER BOATS 2 by 16 ft. tender boats with 5hp Mariner motors Please Note: Tender Boats are for Game Drives and fishing in the vicinity of the houseboat and are strictly crew driven. Should you require a speed boat for long distance fishing, please either bring your own which will be towed behind the houseboat leaving behind one of the houseboat tenders, (please bring your own rope for towing and fuel) or you can hire a speed boat from Marineland. (Contact us for details).
  • BRAAI Wood Braai on board, clients to supply their own wood and charcoal
  • BOARDING 12:00pm and disembarking 10:00am
  • MOORING at Andora harbour.  Parking for vehicles is free of charge and the Habour Master is on premises at night.
  • SAFETY EQUIPMENT (ship to shore radio,4x12 man life rafts, life rings, life jackets, fire ext.)

1-12 Pax= US$500 per houseboat per night DRY boat / 1-18 Pax = US$680 per night per houseboat DRY boat / 1-26 Pax = US$900.00 per night per houseboat DRY boat - Rates are inclusive of Taxes.

Rates include:


  • Houseboat and tender boat hire
  • Crew
  • All linen and mosquito nets 
  • Cleaning materials, including dish washing liquid, Handy Andy and toilet cleaner
  • Toilet paper & Guest Soap
  • Gas

Rates Exclude:


  • All meals, drinks, condiments, serviettes, soap and personal toiletries etc.
  • Swimming Towels
  • Fishing equipment and bait
  • Ice (recommended 4 blocks per day during winter and 5 blocks per day in the summer months)
  • National Parks lake usage and fishing fees
  • First aid kit
  • Vehicle parking fees
  • Crew gratuities

Recommended Charter Routes:
2 night charters - up to Antelope Island
3 night charters - up to Palm bay
4 night charters - up to Sanyati west
5 night charters - up to Elephant point
6 nights or more - up to the Ume

Sengwa Safaris offer competitive rates on all extras (catering, drinks, fishing rod hire and bait) so please let us know if you would like us to include any of these in your quotation.Please click on the links above for more information on catering and extras or visit our FAQ's page.

Please note that whilst every effort has been made to ensure the details supplied above are correct we can not be held responsible in any way should an item mentioned above not be on board /broken or miss quoted.



Specs and Technical Data

Max Passengers: 26
Crew: 5
Cabins: 12
Registration Number: KF 1121
Hull Type: : Pontoon
Length: 90ft (27.43m)
Engine: Twin cummins turbo diesel
Mooring: Andora Harbour


4 Toilets 4 Showers Tender Boats: 2 x 16ft tenders with 5hp mariner motors Cold Space: Full galley and ample cold space (3 deepfreezers) Swimming Facilities: Splash Pool

Extra Facilities

Swimming cage


  • Fishing
  • Game viewing
  • Bird watching
  • Photography and videography
  • Relaxation
  • Reading and board games
  • Sunbathing

Guest Comments



July 2016

Hi Maureen,


We got back last week and sadly, back into the thick of things at work (for some of us!! 😉).


I have to say that our experience on The Osprey was fantastic. We arrived later than expected on Monday and so we only left the harbour around 5.30pm and so we slept the night off Antelope Island, but it was nevertheless a great 3 nights on board.


The boat very much exceeded our expectations, the crew were brilliant - friendly, efficient and they knew their stuff and were accommodating of our needs and the facilities for David in the wheelchair were great - so all in all we had an extremely good experience.


I would most certainly recommend this Boat and crew to friends.


Thanks for arranging this for us.


Kind regards,




Hi Maureen,


I completely agree with my brother's sentiments below. Our stay on the Osprey was a fantastic experience and the crew were an absolute credit to the owners!


Thanks to you and the owners and staff of the Osprey. I'll also be recommending them to any friends considering a similar experience!









July 2015

Dear Mo

We had a wonderful time on the Osprey and everything was up to a very high standard!

The food was spectacular and we couldn't ask for more!

Thank you for your assistance in everything!

We would definitely recommend it to our friends!

Kind regards


April 2014

Dear Mo

Thought I would just drop you a line to thank you for the most wonderful trip on the Osprey. We had a fabulous time and everybody was really impressed with the boat and the crew. When we arrived back, the owner came aboard for a quick chat but I did not get to speak to him so please do pass on our sincere thanks to him. The boat is well maintained – as you said it was and there was so much space. The crew were very helpful indeed especially Solomon who was always ready to assist with anything. The Captain, Collins, was very professional and excellent at his job. We were all very happy indeed and have told several people already what a fine trip it was. Seriously good value for money and we will certainly make sure we book well ahead for our next trip.

Thanks also go to you for your prompt replies to emails and good sound advice on everything.

Kindest Regards






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Quick Houseboat Comparison Table

Houseboat NameHull TypePassengersCabinsFuel IncludedAirconSwimming FacilitiesCost/nightStar Rating
25 Seater BusPontoon250NAPOA2 STAR RATING
African QueenPontoon124Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
AlisterCruiser103Splash Pool US$480.003 STAR RATING
Ambuya DambudzoPontoon03NonePOA3 STAR RATING
Announcement from Zimbabwe Tourism AuthorityPontoon00NonePOA3 STAR RATING
BaobabCruiser124PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
BateleurPontoon123Jacuzzi pool US$760.003 STAR RATING
Big DaddyPontoon205JacuzziPOA5 STAR RATING
Bizzy LizzieCruiser81NoPOA3 STAR RATING
CarolinaCruiser83No swimming facilities US$330.003 STAR RATING
ConquestCruiser81POA3 STAR RATING
CorsaroCruiser83JacuzziPOA5 STAR RATING
Den MarynePontoon182Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
DombaCruiser83Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
DrifterPontoon164Splash PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
DriftwoodCruiser83No swimming facilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
EdenPontoon123Swimming cage US$450.003 STAR RATING
FreestatePontoon164Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
Golden MarinerPontoon164Splash pool on top deckPOA4 STAR RATING
HarmonyCruiser124No swimming FacilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
IliosPontoon123Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
JessamineCruiser83No swimming facilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
KarabeziPontoon155JacuzziPOA5 STAR RATING
Kariba HouseboatsPontoon00tbaPOA4 STAR RATING
Kariba StarCruiser82No swimming facilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
KaribeerPontoon143Splash PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
Lady JacquelineCruiser154tbcPOA3 STAR RATING
Lady MayCruiser84JacuzziPOA5 STAR RATING
Lady RueCruiser83NonePOA3 STAR RATING
Liberty BellPontoon84Jacuzzi US$995.004 STAR RATING
Little MermaidPontoon41No swimming facilities US$320.003 STAR RATING
Lorna DCruiser103No swimming facilitiesPOA4 STAR RATING
MakuluPontoon164Splash Pool US$675.003 STAR RATING
MalachitePontoon144Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
MANZIPontoon103Splash Pool US$43000.003 STAR RATING
MatusadonaCruiser63JacuzziPOA5 STAR RATING
MbuyaCruiser82POA3 STAR RATING
MbuyaCruiser82None US$400.003 STAR RATING
MeremaidPontoon126JacuzziPOA4 STAR RATING
MirabelCruiser123JacuzziPOA4 STAR RATING
MirimbaCruiser124NonePOA4 STAR RATING
MtepatepaPontoon123JacuzziPOA3 STAR RATING
NyatiPontoon144Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
OB JoyfulPontoon124Splash PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
OspreyPontoon2612Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
P-TENCruiser165JacuzziPOA5 STAR RATING
Par ExcellenceCruiser84JacuzziPOA5 STAR RATING
PeregrinePontoon166Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
PeregrinePontoon166Splash Pool US$500.003 STAR RATING
PhiladelphiaPontoon124Large Splash PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
PhillipaPontoon124Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
PontyPontoon145Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
Power SailsCruiser103No swimming facilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
ProdataCruiser42NonePOA3 STAR RATING
RendezvousPontoon125Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
Return to EdenPontoon166Splash PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
Royal GameCruiser83No swimming facilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
SahwiraPontoon2613Splash PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
Salon PriveCruiser104JacuzziPOA4 STAR RATING
Sheer MagicPontoon164Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
ShikraPontoon2010Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
Silver FoxCruiser62NonePOA3 STAR RATING
Southern BellePontoon4422Splash PoolPOA5 STAR RATING
SovereignPontoon2010Splash PoolPOA5 STAR RATING
SundownerPontoon164Swimming pool on upper deck and cage on the backPOA5 STAR RATING
TaipanPontoon103Blow Up Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
Take it AwayPontoon124Swimming cage US$675.003 STAR RATING
TantalikaPontoon124Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
TehillaPontoon124Swimming CagePOA3 STAR RATING
The RoyaleCruiser63NonePOA4 STAR RATING
This Is ItPontoon126Splash PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
TitambereiCruiser82No swimming facilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
UmbozhaPontoon289Large poolPOA5 STAR RATING
UniquePontoon124Splash Pool US$1150.005 STAR RATING
UtopiaCruiser124No swimming facilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
VikingCruiser82No swimming facilitiesPOA3 STAR RATING
VundufulPontoon204Splash PoolPOA4 STAR RATING
What a PleasurePontoon123Splash PoolPOA3 STAR RATING
Zambezi Cruise & SafariPontoon00tbaPOA5 STAR RATING
Zambezi TraderPontoon5224Splash PoolPOA5 STAR RATING
Zambezi TraderPontoon00tbcPOA5 STAR RATING
ZambukaPontoon164Splash Pool & Swimming CagePOA4 STAR RATING